You can now customize everything you’d ever want on your gateway using DashBit Local.

Key Features

  • Quick HNT earnings reports
  • At-a-glance Gateway diagnostics
  • Customizable Lora RF settings
  • RGB LED customization
  • Gateway commands

Accessing DashBit Local

  1. Connect to the same internet/wifi network as your gateway.

  2.  Go to your web browser (Google Chrome will NOT work) and type in

    Manual (If the above link does not work):
    Locate the 8 character serial number of your gateway — the serial number of your gateway will pop up when you attempt to pair it with the Helium app. Alternatively, if you check your internet router, the name of the gateway that appears is your serial number.

    Let’s say your serial number is cham-5ec08e94
    Go to your web browser and type in your serial number, followed by

    It should look like this:

  3. If it’s your first time visiting the local dashboard, your login will be:

    Username: admin
    Password: admin

  4. Set a new password and then you’re good to go!


DashBit Local’s overview is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about your gateway:

  • Summaries
  • Gateway diagnostics from block height, to CPU usage, and everything in between
  • Gateway activity
  • Network characteristics

Lora Settings

Antenna Gain

Antenna gain is the fastest way to quickly adjust your gateways lora settings to accommodate the changes that come with most non-stock antennas. Simply input the gain or “dBi” of your antenna, and the gateway will adjust to minimize invalid witnesses, and maximize rewards.

RSSI Offset

RSSI offset lets you get even more granular, allowing you to adjust the perceived strength of incoming transmissions from other gateways.

Tx/Transmission Power

Now this one is the where the magic happens. gateways can adjust their power up to a maximum of 27dB, meaning that you can scale down your power if you’re seeing too many invalid witnesses from your beacons, or scale up your power if you have an antenna/cable setup that’s make you lose output strength.

Note: The EU generally restricts net power output to a maximum of 14dB, whereas NA restricts it to 27dB. Please ensure you comply with all local laws and regulations when adjusting your gateway.

Gateway Settings

Gateway Settings allow you to get hands on with your gateway and adjust the software side of it:

  • LED Settings
  • System Settings
  • Network
  • Factory Reset

LED Settings

Who doesn’t love some good RGB right? Customize your gateways LED colour and brightness however you like.

System Actions

System Actions allow you to:

  • Enable Pairing — Turns on bluetooth
  • Resync — manually re-sync your gateway (this should normally happen automatically)
  • Reboot — manually restart your gateway