ProductConnector Type US915/AU915 GatewayRP-SMA Female EU868 GatewaySMA Female 6dBi Antenna (All Frequencies)N Male 6dBi US915/AU915 Included Antenna CableN Female --> RP-SMA Male 6dBi EU868 Included Antenna CableN Female --> SMA Male


  • Always try keeping your antenna cables as short as possible. The longer the cable is, the more power you lose and the less output strength you'll get
  • When using long cables, try to go with a high-quality cable such as LMR400
  • For shorter cables (less than 10 Feet), LMR200, or LMR240 will usually do the job
  • Use a cable calculator to figure out what quality of cable you need (try to keep the loss below 1.5dB)

Cable Sources
Finding the right cables can be hard, so here are a few suppliers we've used that we love:

North America:

- Infinite Cables -

- Data Alliance


- Mcgill Microwave

- Koax24